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To provide a simulating learning environment which increases individual potential and ensure that students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work & life.


Gurukul International School believes in binding the natural potential of every child and making them equipped with knowledge and if there is joy in learning and happening in gaining knowledge, it will remain with the soul forever. We also believe in providing an environment to nurture all those who aspire to achieve the highest level of distinction in academic and personal growth by making learning an enjoyable and life long experience.


The School has a commitment to the highest standards of education for all learners, to develop brilliant and liable citizens. The emphasis is on care, providing excellent education, treating the learner as a complete individual and ensuring their abilities and talents are look after and developed, including a spirit of research & creativity. Provide a safe, secure, positive, and enjoyable environment that builds self –esteem, self-confidence and the essential attitude necessary to become a supportive member of the society.


The school is spread over a lush green and pleasing campus of 10.5 acres of land in a purified, inspiring and fresh environment with concrete fencing wall. The school building construction comprises of 5851.84 square metres as built up area, which offers the best in terms of facilities required to enhance learning outcomes. The academic block consists of TATA Class Edge modular set up in every section, science lab, computer lab, maths lab, language lab, library, art and craft room, dance room, music room, activity room, sports room, kids play zone, swimming pool, playground for football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, skating rink , kabaddi and mess for dining.