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Academic The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate desert...

Since inception of our school plan, we are working on this concept. The body and mind of each child will be nurtured here thoroughly.

We have design our syllabus, curriculum keeping a child in our notions and its holistic development.

A dedicated and experience team of teachers will be the mentors of inspirations. They will love children, care for them and share with them.

We will have several programmes for our teacher’s like continuous and comprehensive in-service orientation, education and training programme through self- motivated school based activities will be conducted time to time on behalf of life Educare. Lifelong –learning teachers create lifelong-learning students.

Quality teaching and strong student-teacher relationship from the foundation of our highly scholastic programme. All the teachers have the special qualities that distinguish a good teacher-patience and understanding. They are dynamic, relaxed and enthusiastic with the ability to create a friendly atmosphere in which the child can express himself and learn. They encourage the development of each child, by providing security and warmth, emphasizing self-discipline more than authority and encouragement rather than punishment.

Our Specialty

The school will follow the child adopt scheme i.e, a child will be given under the personal care to a teacher. The teacher will be in touch with child on a regular basis and does maintain various behavioral, emotional and personal growth records. The teacher will help the child by rectifying his/her mistakes subject wise as well as encouraging him/her to participate in various competitions.

The School Examination and Promotions

The students of Pre-Primary will be assessed on various parameters based on child psychology. The examination and promotion of primary and middle school level will be purely based on CBSE pattern i.e, CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) grading scales.

The Scheme of assessment related to student’s performance and attainment is based on formative assessment at regular intervals followed by summative assessment at the end of each term. In the formative assessment, apart from paper – pen test, a student is also assessed through projects, orals, and various extracurricular activities throughout the year. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the heavy dependence on annual examinations.

School Timing

Monday To Saturday

Play Group to KG-II – 08:50 am to 12:30 pm
Class-I & II – 08:50 am to 03:30 pm
Class- III to X - 07:50 am to 02:55 pm

Parents – Teachers Meeting will be organized on every first sunday of each month. Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Instructions To Parents :
  • The Parents should not give any eatables like dry fruits, chocolates, fast foods, nuts, chew gum etc to consume in school.
  • The Parents should not send their ward with wrist watch, gold/silver ornaments or any other valuables or cash in their possession, if seized will not be returned.
  • The Parents are advised not to give any of the electronic equipments such as Mobile phones, camera, iPod, pen drive etc, if found will not be returned.